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Quik Pod - Handheld Extendable Tripod

Quik Pod® is the world's first hand held extendable tripod.  It is light (weighs less than a pair of sunglasses), pocket sized and comes with a built-in self-image mirror to center each shot. This allows the photographer to be included in photos and videos without asking strangers to operate their camera. The photographer has control rather than handing their camera over to a stranger.

Made of space aged polycarbonate and machined aluminum, it extends to capture your own face perfectly centered in each group photo.  It’s waterproof for underwater photography and goes through airport security.  

All models come with a travel bag, pocket clip, hiking clip and wrist strap and the Pro+ model includes tripod legs. Quik Pod® attaches in seconds to all cameras and camcorders on the market today with a standard tripod socket and self-timer including the iPhone with the iPhone adapter. There is a model for all cameras from point & shoots to DSLR.  Also use for overhead shots at parades and concerts.
U. S. Patent No.:  7,684,694

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