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Power Ranger, Talking Coin Bank & Room Defender

All those wonderful grunting sounds they used to make. Do you remember when they came out with the gloves that made the "wooshing" sound when you moved them? Whatever happened to those original actors that played our favorite superheros? When they were still on earth and were just red, blue, pink, yellow, black and green? What happened to the good old days when we would wake up in the morning to watch this high flying Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was an action superhero show that was created in 1993 by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy. The show was derived from a Japanese franchise titled. The original show ran until 1995, had a major movie deal, and has produced multiple spin-offs. The opening theme song was titled "Go Go Power Rangers" and a pop rock tune. The show was 22 minutes in length and produced 145 episodes.

Two astronauts stumbled upon a container that contained an evil alien name Rita Repulsa. Five teenagers from Angel Grove, California were magically taken at light speed to a man that lived in a glass tube (but you could only see his face) and his assistant, a short-talking robot.

The five teenagers were give powers that would help them to transform into high-flying, super strong superheroes that would be able to defeat Repulsa's evil minion creations. The teenagers were linked to a color and a non-domestic animal: Kimberly (pink ranger/ Pterodactyl), Jason (red ranger/ Tyrannosaurus), Billy (blue ranger/ Triceratops), Trini (yellow ranger/ Saber-toothed tiger), and Zack (black ranger/Mastodon).

Dinozords were given to each ranger. When the Dinozords were called upon, machines in the form of the rangers' animals would come running. When the Dinozords came together, they formed the Megazord which could defeat Repulsa's minions that had grown to a giant size.

Another ranger was soon added to the pack. Tommy, the green ranger, was first used for evil to defeat the power rangers. He later joined them as an ally until he lost his green ranger powers. He then became the white ranger and the leader of the Power Rangers. He had the Dragonzord as the green ranger, and then the Tigerzord as the white ranger. He also controlled Saba, a talking stick of sorts, which could emit lasers from its eyes.

Actors Amy Jo Johnson: Johnson played the pink ranger until 1995 where her character Kimberly left the show to do gymnastics at the Olympics. Johnson's first role as an actress was playing the pink ranger. After she left the show, she went on to play Susie Q in the made-for-tv Disney movie Susie Q. She also was a main character on Felicity, was an actress for multiple shows of Flashpoint and Wildfire, and has three albums out. Johnson is now 38.

David Yost: Yost played the blue ranger. His character, who was named Billy, stayed with the power rangers the longest. He stayed with the Power Ranger show up until Power Rangers: Zeo which was first aired in 1996. His character left because he was suffering from accelerated aging and went to another planet to live with a female Aquitar that he had fallen in love with. Yost has been retired ever since. He appeared in one episode of Power Rangers DinoThunder in 2004, but has not had any other roles. Yost is 40.

Thuy Trang: Trang played the yellow ranger name Trini. The Trini character left the show in order to attend a World Peace Conference, while Trang really left because of money issues. The only other moves she has appeared in are Spy Hard and The Crow: City of Angels. Trang died in 2001 due to a severe car accident that ended in the vehicle she was riding in falling over a bank after rolling over several times. An episode from Power Rangers: Time Force was dedicated to her. She was 27.

Walter Jones: Jones (ironically) played the black ranger named Zack Taylor. As the black ranger, he was second in command from Jason and from Tommy. Like the character Trini, he too left the show to attend a World Peace Conference (but actually for financial reasons). Jones has appeared in multiple television shows and movies such as Step by Step, Family Matters, the Nickelodeon show Space Cases, the Disney channel movie Brink!, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and most recently House of the Dead 2. Jones is 38.

Austin St. John: St. John played the red ranger Jason, who would also leave for the World Peace Conference/money problems. The red ranger was the leader until the green/white ranger came along. St. John has appeared in multiple episodes of the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger sequels and in some of the major motion pictures. St. John has written a book about Karate and appeared in the movie Expos? and on the television show Footsteps. St. John is 33.

Jason David Frank: Frank played Tommy, the original green ranger who transformed into the white ranger. Frank has been with the Power Rangers saga on and off since 1993. He has a gap between 1995 and 1996 where he reappeared to play the red ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo. Then he left and came back in 2004 to play the black ranger in Power Rangers: DinoThunder, and not as the Rangers' leader. Frank finally left the show after this with his character retiring as a power ranger to continue his dream as a high school science teacher. Frank went on to play a role on the naughty, late night MTV show Undressed, and has recently been a voice in the television show The Junior Defenders. Frank is 35.

These are only some of the main characters of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Look for the next flashback to read up on the current status of Zordon, Bulk and Skull, Rita Repulsa, and others in the second part, Flashback 1993: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pt. 2.

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